Digital Marketing as a Career
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In a time when there are literally thousands of professions to choose from, young folks are often confused about what industry or career they should choose for the betterment of their future. Another fear that everyone has is whether that technology or prospect will last for decades and has a broader scope. Today we bring to you an industry that has completely transformed the world in the past decade and will continue to do so in the future. We are talking about Digital Marketing. So let's see what it is about.


Digital Marketing in simple terms, is marketing things on the Internet which includes Search Engines, Social Media, Mail, Websites, Blogs and others.

Need and Scope

3 Billion People use the Internet every day. When these many people come anywhere to communicate, it generates an opportunity for marketing. This is the reason why Digital Marketing was invented. It allows people and organizations to market themselves each other via different Digital channels. Smartphone users are increasing at an exponential rate and thus the industry has a really bright scope in terms of revenue and prospects. Though to learn this we need to learn a proper Digital Marketing Course.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

  • Knowing the Audience - Traditional Marketing was not able to identify who read about you, where did your customers come from, what they liked about you. Digital allows you to know all this and makes it easy to analyze all of these things to form further strategies.
  • Pocket-Friendly - Where the traditional marketing was super expensive due to monopolistic channels like TV and Radio, Digital is pocket-friendly (even free sometimes) due to its convenient access to its customers. There are many companies in the recent past which have become big without spending anything on marketing. This is truly revolutionary from point of view of Young Business Owners.
  • Flexible - Traditional was totally inflexible. You had to prepare everything months in advance, then print it and publish it. If any change was there, you had to change everything which was time-consuming, uncomfortable and expensive. Via Digital, you can edit anything within minutes and it will be fresh and new.

Education Prerequisites

There is as such no specific Educational Qualification needed to be a Digital Marketer. You can pursue it after 12th Standard or College. Although the companies that you will apply in will want at least a graduation degree.

Skills Required

As far as skills are concerned, to be a great digital marketer you need to be:
  • Good with people - You have to focus on active communication and listen to client requirements.
  • Good with digital platforms - Being active and expert in using digital platforms is a must. Pretty interesting profession for the youth as they are used to working on digital platforms and can adapt professionally to it faster than other not so digitally savvy people.
  • Adaptable in terms of Strategies used - You should be able to change strategies fast when the previous one is not able to generate appropriate results.
  • Curious - Technologies change within days in today's world, so you have to keep your knowledge up to date with the current standards.


There are a variety of courses online and offline on digital marketing and it depends entirely on you how you want to learn. If you are the type of person who needs a personal dedicated guidance while learning, you should opt for Courses provided by various institutes like TechStack(One of the Best in South Delhi) otherwise you can just take a course online from websites like Udemy, Coursera and Khan Academy.

Course Details

You will learn about Website Development, SEO, Social Media in detail and will work on live projects.


There are lots of Books which can teach and inspire you in this industry. Some of them are Permission Marketing by Seth Godin, Art of Social Marketing by Guy Kawasaki, Contagious by Jonah Berger and Leading Digital Strategy by Christopher Bones.


An entry-level digital marketer can expect a salary of Rs. 15000 per month. An experienced digital marketer can earn a package of more than Rs. 10 Lac. What is amazing about this profession is its scope for freelancing which is limitless due to the number of new startups hungry for promotion. You can easily become a freelancer on websites like Freelancer and Upwork or get your work through Social Media and earn lots of money and respect.

So what are you waiting for? Hop in and Start your incredible journey to become a Digital Marketer. And we are the one who provides Top Digital marketing Training In all over India. To know more, you can visit our website Techstack.

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